“I think that this kind of isolation is crucial for good work. Not to be always tempted by visual, but also inside work. Walking in nature, smelling the flowers, watching the green, it’s like a massage to the soul.” — Rafram Chaddad, CAMPO AIR 2022

“CAMPO AIR allowed me to put ideas, readings, and drafts together in a nonstop way.” — Natasha Tiniacos,  CAMPO AIR 2023


CAMPO AIR April 2023

María José Cuello, Chef, UY
Luis Sebastián Sanabria, Writer + Visual Artist, CO
Natasha Tiniacos, Poet, VE

CAMPO AIR December 2022

Lizania Cruz, Visual Artist, RD
GeoVanna González, Visual Artist, US
Matilde Grue, Chef, DK
Niccolò Moronato, Visual artist, IT
Rosario Ureta, Integral designer & ceramist, CL

CAMPO AIR October 2022

Charlene Bicalho, Visual Artist, BR
Rafram Chaddad, Visual artist, TN
Alejandra González Soca, Visual artist, UY
Nurit Kasztelan, Writer, AR
Santiago Moro, Chef, MX

CAMPO AIR April 2022

Rafael Bustillos, Visual Artist, MX | US
Mercedes Cebrián, Writer, ES
Claudia Coca, Visual Artist, PE
Natalia Domínguez, Visual Artist, SV
Irene Haedo, Chef, UY | AR

CAMPO AIR December 2021

Natalia Nakazawa, Interdisciplinary Textil Artist, US
Gal Nissim, Interdisciplinary Artist + Researcher, US | IL
Pablo Rasgado, Sculptor + Painter, MX
Agustina Woodgate, Multidisciplinary Artist, AR | NL
Gonzalo Zubiri, Chef, UY

CAMPO AIR October 2021

Sun Mee Chomet, Actor, Dancer, Playwright, US
David Escobar Parra, Visual Artist, CO
Victor Lema Riqué, Visual Artist, UY | BR
Marcos Lowy, Chef, UY | ES
Nelly Rodríguez, Photographer, CH

CAMPO AIR October 2019

Annegret Kellner, Photographer + Sculptor, DE
Thiago Honorio, Visual Artist, BR
Las Nietas de Nonó, Performance Artists, PR
Gustavo Laborde, Anthropologist, UY
Berndnaut Smilde, Sculptor + Photographic Artist, NL

CAMPO AIR May 2019

Vika Esquivel, Chef | UY
Rodrigo Sassi, Sculptor, BR
Maximiliano Schonfeld, Film Director + Script writer, AR
Laurie Schwartz, Composer, US | DE
Laura Stevens, Photographer, UK | FR

CAMPO AIR Dec 2017/Jan 2018

Charlie Baker, Craftsman, US
BETS, Musician, US
Camilla Chamyan, Chef, UY
Maceo Eagle, Illustrator, US
Lucy Fradkin, Visual Artist, US
Maria Elena González, Visual Artist + Sculptor, CU | US
Cristina Ruiz Guiñazú, Visual Artist, AR | FR
Valery Ketenjian, Chef, UY | MX
Alejandro Pintado, Visual Artist, MX
Arthur Simms, Visual Artist, JM | US